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Newborn Photography – North Sydney, Northern Beaches & Sutherland Shire

Three Reasons to Schedule a Newborn Photography Session in Sydney, North Sydney, Northern Beaches or Sutherland Shire

Bringing your child home from the hospital for the first time is a magical moment. Making the transition to being a parent can be stressful, but it’s all worth it when you look at your beautiful newborn baby and wonder if you could ever love anything more. There will be many rewarding stages to capture throughout your child’s life, but the newborn phase is fleeting and won’t last long.

Why Choose Siempre?

At Siempre, our newborn photography team in Northern Beaches and Sutherland Shire can capture the newborn phase so that it lives on forever in stunning and creative photographs. We can photograph your little miracle within hours or birth, or plan a photography session later at your home or location of choice. This flexibility is just one reason to choose us for your newborn photography session. Here are three other reasons to consider Siempre for this important responsibility.

  1. You get photos that stand the test of time: The virtues of newborn photography sessions in North Sydney have sort of fallen by the wayside in the era of smartphones and social media. It’s so easy to snap photos of your baby and upload them online that many parents don’t even think about hiring a professional photographer. The question is, though, are you going to be looking through grainy cellphone photos in a decade or two when you want to look back on your child’s first few weeks of life? When your son or daughter needs baby pictures for a school project, will you pull them off your Facebook? When your child gets married, won’t you wish you had professional photos to put in a slideshow or on a photo board for the reception? Professional newborn photographs stand the test of time and will have more use in the future than you might realise.
  2. We emphasise comfort: At Siempre, the comfort of the client and the baby are the two most important things to us during our newborn photography sessions in Sutherland Shire. In some situations, a young child can become alarmed or scared during a photography session—whether because they are in an unfamiliar environment (the studio) or surrounded by an array of scary-looking equipment. The Siempre team knows how to keep your child calm and comfortable during a session, which always leads to better pictures.
  3. You get to be in the photos: One of the drawbacks of cataloguing your baby’s childhood only through cellphone photos is that you rarely get to be in the pictures. Working with a professional photographer, you will get a chance to step into the frame.

Schedule Your Newborn Photography Session in Sydney

If you are interested in scheduling a newborn photography session in North Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Northern Beaches or anywhere else in the Sydney area, call Siempre on +61401961517. Just let us know a location and we will plan a date and time for your session!